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Wood-fired Pizza Ovens – What makes them so special?

Providing the highest quality, authentic wood-burning pizza ovens is what we specialise in at Al Fresco Pizza Ovens. So much more than just an oven; it is a lifestyle that transforms your space and the way you eat & entertain in it.

Is it worth buying a wood-fired pizza oven?

When looking at buying a pizza oven, they are not all equal. The difference wood-fired ovens make goes beyond just the material used as a source of heat.

What is the best wood for a pizza oven?

The best wood to burn in a pizza oven would be hardwood that has been dried and seasoned. This is due to the fact that they usually contain broad leaves like trees, and they do not contain needles and cones like softwoods. Hardwoods are preferred for cooking in pizza ovens as they last longer than softwoods and are also cleaner. When buying hardwood to burn in your pizza oven, look for types such as maple, oak, birch, ash, beech, or sycamore.

Is a wood-fired pizza the same as a home oven?

In short, the answer is that they are most definitely different. Both come with their own appealing features; however, wood-fired pizza ovens remain superior. A home oven limits the types of meals one can make due to the issue of space, as well as the maximum temperatures that can be reached. This doubles up as an excellent heating source on cooler nights as the oven radiates heat, making it great to entertain around.

Versatile Cooking Options

With an expanded array of meal options, a pizza oven allows you to get creative with your culinary flair and experiment more.

Cooking in a wood-fired pizza oven not only expands your list of meals but their flavour profiles too. When burning quality wood in a pizza oven, it adds to the aroma, taste and heat when cooking a pizza. The same thing happens to your other meals such as meats, roasts, baked dishes, loaves of bread and potjies.

The Al Fresco Experience

We continue to provide the highest quality pizza ovens and exceptional service that keeps our loyal customers coming back for more. Al Fresco Pizza Ovens embody the essence of al fresco dining and entertainment, bringing Italian flair to your home.

Take your meals to the next level with an investment that keeps on giving. A wood-fired pizza oven brings with it not only delicious homecooked meals but a social aspect that is unique and entirely yours to own. Get everyone involved and interacting today with your very own at-home wood-fired pizza oven.

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