Al Fresco Pizza Ovens

Upgrade your backyard with an outdoor pizza oven

Introducing a pizza oven to your outdoor living space takes entertaining, cooking and quality time to the next level. Not only can you expand on your choice of meals, but you also add a stunning piece to the exterior area of your home.

A wood-fired pizza oven elevates even the simplest of meals, making them a social gathering and space for all to enjoy. With an investment exceeding all expectations, every night can be pizza night from the comfort of your home.

A New Staple

For most South Africans, not much can compare to their beloved braai, that is, until they discover how much pizza ovens truly have to offer. Not just being exclusive to making pizzas, our pizza ovens can cook a range of dishes from bread and roast vegetables to meats and potjies. The possibilities are endless as you discover all the wonderful dishes you can make in your pizza oven. This versatile appliance promises to be a new staple in your life as a unique and fun way to get everyone outside and involved together.

The Pros of Having An Outdoor Pizza Oven

With easy care and maintenance, an outdoor pizza oven makes cooking a breeze and allows for convenient cleaning afterwards. Our pizza ovens allow the smoke to go where it needs to and nowhere else. This ensures no smoke travelling into the house but a streamlined and contained outdoor cooking experience. With wood-fired pizza ovens, you end up saving energy, making it a more sustainable option. An outdoor pizza oven offers an excellent dual function of cooking delicious meals while emitting heat to warm up those socializing around it. This also creates a great social space for your family, friends and guests to hang out around. It is a different way to get people involved and interacting, both before and during meal times. A huge pro is being able to get pizza when you want it. Don’t wait around for a delivery to arrive, with the freedom of making delicious homemade pizzas when and how you want them.

Ease And Convenience At A Touch

The added touch of easy care and cleaning means minimal maintenance with maximum enjoyment. Create convenient and delicious meals in a versatile oven that transforms the space it enters.

The large surface area inside the oven allows for multiple pizzas or other dishes to be cooked at the same time. This takes out the hassle of using multiple appliances to prepare a meal with different components that could just be made together.

Upgrade Your Space

An outdoor pizza oven makes for a great addition to an outside area of a home in various ways. Bringing with it the social aspect as well as the convenience of more meal options, easy care and aesthetic appeal, it boasts many advantages. A pizza oven is a unique piece to complement an already well-used braai area as another versatile cooking appliance. Level up the cooking game of your household and expand on the meals you are putting on the table.

Make It Yours

Enjoy as you bring Italy to your patio and the very essence of al fresco dining to life. Explore our full range of ovens & accessories and let us help find the perfect match for your space.
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